| Resonance | Improvisation Workshop with Bilwa


Photo:©Paula Court

Lead by:

Emily Sweeney | movement artist | US
Martín Lanz Landázuri | movement artist | MX

William “Bilwa” Costa | sound artist | US
Christian Schroeder | sound artist | AT

| resonance | is a workshop for movement, sound, visual and performing artists based on practices that enable heightened states of sensory perception. We share methods for reverberating mindfully with other artists during duet and ensemble improvisation. We focus on listening, sensing, and acting from sound, movement, and memory impulses. We explore expansions and contractions of energy and sound in our bodies and in the spaces where we work. We trace the pathways that movement material takes between outside and inside: input – filtering – output – sending. Rather than reacting to other artists, we cultivate a stance that allows us to observe, consider, and respond with as much of our selves as possible. The group explores questions like: How do we transmit messages that perpetuate in different forms through the space instead of dying out? How do we translate or morph messages into different media like writing, drawing, or assessing? How can we use vibration, reflection, sounding, panning, resounding, writing, and remembering to create a resonating body? http://perpetualmvmtsnd.org/resonance/

Wednesday 7th March
Fee: 15€
From 12 – 4 pm

Martín Lanz Landázuri ‘s participation is made possible by Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (FONCA)

Date: April 15, 2012