Interview with AFFECT artist in residence: Tomás Espinosa


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“Photomat Rendevouz”, a series of on-site interviews leaded by Berlin-based artist Leen Horsford with residents of AFFECT Module I.
Horsford’s artistic research practice unfolds in conversational games with the aim to reveal the tastes, aspirations and personalities of the player through words and exchanges, rather than through artwork. In “Photomat Rendevouz” the British artist portrays the resident’s personal views on The Social framed under a Photo booth in the Berliner Warschauer Brücke.

Born in Bogotá – Colombia (1985). Lives, studies and works since 2008 in Berlin. He has studied Visual Arts at the Universidad Javerina (2002-2007) in Bogotá. Since 2010 he is a student at the Universität der Künste Berlin (UdK). He was participant at Olafur Eliasson´s Institut für Raumexperimente (2011-2014).


Date: May 05, 2014