Unbound | Agora rethinks the Artist’s Book


“Something very important and very weird is happening to the book right now: It’s shedding its papery corpus and transmigrating into a bodiless digital form, right before our eyes. We’re witnessing the bibliographical equivalent of the rapture.”

– Lev Grossman, New York Times

At this turning point in the history of the written word, a group of artist’s in Berlin unites to investigate not what a book is but what a book can be. At a point in time where there is much discussion about the end of print culture, the hype of new media and technology. Where does this leave the book? Paper may become precious, printing technology transformed and production changing but the creative potential of the culture of the book as a creative media will remain available for exploration. There are no limits for what an artists book can be and no rules for their construction.

Agora Collective is proud to announce the group show, Unbound, as part of the Nacht und Nebel festival in Neukölln on the 5th of November 2011 from 7pm to 11pm.

After 3 workshops with a group of artists exploring and debating the artists book we have collectively constricted this exciting exhibition first – Unbound.

Artists include: Dylan Aiello – Shuah Brotherton – Jessica Cooke – Deeqa Ismail –

Pedro Jardim – Sacha Molnar – Antonio Sobral – Caique Tizzi – Petra Valdimarsdóttir

Each artist re-imagines the book through a unique lens, a reflection once more on the symbolic and imaginative richness of the book. Our complete universe of the human experience is metaphorised into a single representation.

Petra Valdimarsdóttir studies a series of photographs that she took while working in China, each image will fold down into a compact, informative pamphlet. So the conventions of the bookness becomes a subject matter, turning the pages becomes physical, a sculptural element instead of an incidental activity.

Shuah Brotherton looks more at our physical relationship with content, a self-conscious function in relation to the bound parameters of the book form, whereby the reading is created by the reader in a physical act of imprint.

Deeqa Ismail has investigated the constructed form using a systematic layering. No text or images the strings guide you through the book in a movement initiated by the reader.

Agora is a co-working dynamic space in which art is created, shown, tested and talked about. They are committed to presenting interesting and challenging contemporary art, produced by local and international artists. Focusing on installations, site specific and live art, we encourage experimentation, freedom of concept, technique, process, material and style.

Founded in June 2011 the Agora collective has hosted exhibitions, talks, film screenings, workshops, performances, literary events and is the headquarters of Art Connect Berlin.

This weekend Agora collective welcomes you to join in an evening of performance both in book form and physically bound, as we transform the space into an artist book within itself.

Date: April 15, 2012