The Wellbeing Project Meet Up


Agora is pleased to host a presentation and discussion of Aaron Pereira and Bart Weetjens, two members of the WELLBEING PROJECT, who will be sharing their project with members of the local social change ecosystem.Please RSVP here, entrance is free
starts on time on our Agora 1st Floor°°°
The Wellbeing Project is about a fundamental shift in the field of social change. It is focused on both modeling support to social change leaders, and cultivating a shift in the culture of the field toward one that is healthier and supportive of inner wellbeing. The project is being co-created with Ashoka, Esalen, the Fetzer Institute and the Synergos Institute.

The Project is being undertaken over a limited time of approximately three years. Our intention is that the project will ignite further action to continue the work of deeply and meaningfully supporting the wellbeing of all changemakers, shifting the field of social change, and enhancing the lives of the millions of people touched by social change efforts.

The Four Pillars of the project are:

● Inner Development Program: ­supporting experienced social entrepreneurs in finding and nurturing a deeper sense of wellbeing within themselves through a personally supportive program;
● Research: conducting a research evaluation that explores the effect of inner work, and connections between inner work and the quality of social change;
● Learning Partner Program: ­ convening a ‘learning partner’ community of global social sector leaders and regional and local leaders who will learn together from the research and what, as a result, may be done at a sector level; and,
● Story­telling: ­collecting and broadly sharing stories from social entrepreneurs about the impact of inner work on their personal and professional lives.

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Date: January 31, 2016