Wilde Pferde | How to work collectively?

In this workshop we will explore collective ways of composing, thinking and deciding through movement, play, sound , laguage etc. We will exchange our experiences and wishes about collective work.

Open for artists and creative people, featuring Wilde Pferde and Agora Collective.

PhRasen der Dessur – Heilversprechungen ptll, afterwards discussion.

In this performance Wilde Pferde are asking: How does does one create believe? And how does one believe the creation? Which promise of salvation leads to an individual behavior? Does behavior need a rhythm to become a ritual? How much fiction lies in the formular? And so promises of salvation create realities? the performance is an investigation into everyday movement, those small gestures, that point to a wider context.

Saturday 10.11 | Begins 8pm | check www.vimeo.com/24881393 | www.wildepferde.com

Fee 12 € (workshop & performance) |  6 € performance


Date: April 15, 2012