‘OPENsYSTEM a holistic approach to Acting’ workshop with Stavros Yagulis


OPENsYSTEM a holistic approach to Acting.

Open for everyone.

Cost 10 euros

The workshop is exploring the Three fundamental elements
of a performer’s education:

a) awareness of the body and it s movement -kinaisthesis,
b) breathing-conscious use of the diaphragm plus voice training and
c) connection with the environment and the other people.

Starting from the smallest but fundamental muscle movement in the human body – respiration – and based on
a combination of physical methods with priority to bioenergy, we explore the physical anatomy and its dynamics
such as weight in relation with the floor, somatic awareness in relation with the muscle-bone structure,
relaxation of the inner organs, etc.

Further on,
- we develop these dynamics to a point at which we become fully aware of them through sound, voice, rythm, etc.
- we explore communicative possibilities and we enter unknown spaces which the enviroment offers via memories,
personal history, physical experience, etc.
- we work on penetrating time by learning to be in the here and now.
At the next level,
- we learn how to trust the energy flows and
- how to make the proper interior adjustments in order to control the different levels of energy during the acting procedure.
Text is used with the devised theatre methods – participants are encouraged through improvisations to create
their own pieces by using material of their preference.

The workshop is conducted in English.
Max. number of participants: 12

Stavros Yagulis is a professional Greek actor & singer. He studied in ART,
Harvard -USA, acting-directing, in National Drama School of Greece
and in EMPROS School of Acting in Athens.
For the last 15 years he has performed in several theater and musical shows
and movies, in Greece and abroad.
He is also performing as a singer-songwriter.

Since 2007 he is based in Berlin.
In oct 2011 he formed the OPENsYSTEM- devise theater company.( facebook page)

for facebook and myspace also.


Date: April 15, 2012