Workshop: Learn how to make your own bread

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Learn how to make your own bread!

Who doesn´t love a freshly baked bread in the morning or next to the salad for lunch? It can seem challenging to make your own bread, but baking bread is actually “slow food” that takes almost no time. The magic often happens overnight while you sleep!

The 6th of December, Agora´s Thursdays chefs, Kathrine and Alex, will show you how to make different kinds of bread. The evening will start out as a bread making workshop and then be turned into a common dinner with tapas that goes perfectly with the bread we make together.

Evening program 19:00-22:00:

  • Welcome and introduction to baking by Kathrine
  • In small groups you try making bread
  • The breads are in the oven
  • Tasting of different bread types pre-prepared by hosts
  • Dinner with your freshly baked breads and tapas prepared by hosts

Besides learning how to make your bread you will go home with:

  • Fresh bread
  • Recipes for different types of bread


The price for this evening is 20 euro, 15 if you pay online in advance.

For any further information, please contact : vpctheunissen@gmail.com

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Date: November 11, 2014